5 Tips For New DJs

New DJ tips

In the world of entertainment, DJs’ stand head and shoulders above the rest. Their tendency to be at every major event, party, and social gathering makes them the conductors of upscale entertainment. They can command the room with the touch of a button and a word on the mic. Truly the status of being a successful DJ has risen to prolific status over the past couple of years. 

That makes it all sound enticing right? So you’ve decided to have a hand at the craft yourself. First off, congrats! You’ve taken the first step into becoming the true life of the party. Second, here are a few tips that we believe can help you as someone who is starting out as a DJ!

Tip 1- Tell People

No one ever knows what your job is without you telling them, right? Well the same thing goes for any creative field. That includes being a DJ! One of the first and most brave steps you can take in this field is making sure you are telling everyone that you’re now a DJ. Word of mouth is the longest standing, yet most under-appreciated, form of marketing that there is. By simply getting the word out, you are doing yourself a ton of favors in the long run in terms of getting gigs and making people aware of who you are.

You can also couple this practice by passing out business cards or linking people with your social media accounts for your new creative business. This essentially guarantees that people can at least put your new found profession to the face which goes a long way in establishing any kind of relationship with potential clients. Remember, you’re only as good as your word so use it!

Tip 2- Hone Your Setup

It’s not surprising to learn that there are a TON of options in terms of equipment and gear. Being a DJ is one of the most technologically based performance arts there is. That is why a DJ could spend years working on their setup, and even then there is  tinkering and small changes to be made. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a setup you’re happy with before taking gigs. It helps to think about what kind of DJ you want to be. Do you want to DJ weddings, parties, company events, etc? These types of questions won’t only help you decide what kind of gear you need, but also help you plan out what you’ll do financially in terms of investment on gear. Remember that sometimes less is more.

Sure it’s easy to fall into the trap of always wanting the next thing. It’s also easy to associate success with a bigger setup, but that simply isn’t true. Practice investing in items and gear that will have the best return on investment. When starting out in any business you want to make sure you’re spending money wisely, so the best advice is to treat this like a business. If you wish to be successful you must be fiscally responsible. Blowing all your money on gear will not help you for sure in the long run. Hone your craft and hone your gear to suit your specific needs. 

Tip 3- Create a Brand or Persona

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with some hip DJ sounding name in the same vein of guys like Skrillex or Major Lazer. This just means that you should find something unique about yourself and run with it. Blast your uniqueness on every piece of marketing you have and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. You almost want to make it a part of your identity. If you can differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other people also looking to become DJs’ then you set yourself up for success.

So create a name, logo, artwork, persona, personality that’s unique to you and embrace it. You can also use sound and graphics to set yourself apart! NYE Countdown offers up many different drops and video drops that you can incorporate into your sound to further your own special identity. If you embrace what makes yourself special as a performer you could go far!

Tip 4- Setup an Online Presence 

As an aspiring DJ, social media will be your best friend. Social media is a great (and free) way to reach an audience you can’t necessarily reach in person. If you take the steps to market yourself properly on social media that shows a person or artist that is willing to take the time and show off their craft. If you’re in the mix of just starting, you should still try and increase your social media following! People love seeing the journey. They love feeling connected to an artist and as a DJ you’re part entertainer and part artist. By establishing a connection through various online platforms not only are you spreading your overall presence, but you’re also building a rapport with your audience. This compels them to engage with you more which will then turn around and boost your social media presence as well.

A little secret of the trade, the more you interact on social media the more your profiles get viewed! This will widen your audience overall and strengthen the bond your more long standing followers have with you. If they can tell their friends they knew you before you were a big shot DJ they will further appreciate you as an artist and performer. It also might benefit to look at agencies who work in social media outreach like Killerspots Agency who help lead brands worldwide. 

Tip 5- Embrace Music

If you don’t have a true passion for music, this is the part where you forget everything you just read and hang it up right now! Being a DJ means you are the composer of music on any given night. If the last thing you think about when being a DJ is the music then you’re in the wrong field. You would be much more suited to be a performer or hype-man. People want DJs’ who will embrace music and create playlists and tracks that are catered to their specific event. Without a passion for something your overall work will just come across as stale and lifeless.

People can definitely tell when a DJ has a love and passion for music as opposed to someone who is just chasing the applause. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be a DJ because it seems like a fast track to popularity or notoriety. Do it because you love the hype and mood song and music can put people in. With this love of music and a little bit of hard work you’re already well on your way to success. So take your arms and embrace that love of music as you go on with your journey into becoming a successful DJ!

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