6 Tips for DJing the Best NYE Bash

NYE Partying

It’s that time of year again… it’s almost New Year’s Eve! After over a year of socially distancing, it’s finally safer to come together and party the night away into the year 2022! I’m excited, you’re excited, everyone’s excited to have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. If you’re DJing a show this NYE, no doubt you’ve already started to prepare your set and get yourself ready for the big night. Maybe you’ve scoped out your venue, figured out your outfit (I know what I’m wearing!) or even thought about your lighting or video effects. But what really goes in to making a NYE set special? What gets the crowd jumping leading up to and way past midnight?

Well, DJ friend, you’ve come to the right blog! Read on for Jasmin’s best tips on how to host the best NYE Bash that everyone’s gonna be talking about until next year!

1. Get Prepared

Prep for your set well in advance. In addition to making your mix perfect, make sure you take all the logistical stuff into account, too. If you’re the only DJ, consider bringing along a roadie to help you with equipment setup and takedown, take requests while you’re in the bathroom, or even just bring you water so you can stay hydrated. And don’t forget to bring back up! Whatever equipment you’re using, something might go wrong, so make sure you have a backup of your set on a flash drive, CD, whatever form of media you’re going with.

2. Know the Crowd

Most NYE partiers are the once-a-year type crowd, so they’re not going to behave like a typical audience would! There’s going to be more of them, for sure, but they might not feel up to dancing right away, preferring to hang on the sidelines and watch. They’re also more likely to come and go, hitting up many parties throughout the night. You might not see the same people hang around from 9PM through the ball drop until last call.

However, even though this crowd is unlike your usual, they’re all definitely there to have a good time. Spirits are high, so work off their energy and let it feed your own! Speaking of­—

3. Work the Crowd

NYE isn’t the time to get experimental, your audience is there to have fun! Play classic hits and the year’s biggest bangers so your crowd is up and dancing the whole night. Make sure to work in highs and lows in your set so they keep their energy. And don’t forget about requests! If you don’t usually take requests, NYE is the night to break that rule and let your audience rule the dance floor. If you get a request and you’ve got the song, work it in! You’ll be rewarded with a high-energy crowd that’s hyped for what you’re playing.

4. Have a Plan for Midnight

Remember when I said to be prepared? Part of those preparations involves knowing what you’re gonna play in the lead up to the ball drop. Do you have a special set prepared? What song are you going to drop as the clock turns over to 2022? Did you pre-record some drops to get the crowd amped, or are you going to wing it live on the microphone? Whatever you want to do, make sure you have some idea of what you’re doing before 11:55PM rolls around—a last minute New Year’s Countdown is a surefire way to make the party stop.

5. Protect Your Gear… and Yourself!

Partiers on NYE are usually way rowdier than the average crowd. Your gear might be susceptible to inebriated bumps, tripping, and wayward spilled drinks. Remember your roadie? Use them to help keep partiers away from your booth, intercepting requests and making sure your wires are all taped down to avoid tripping hazards.

And don’t forget about yourself! It’s tempting to let go on NYE and indulge in a few too many glasses of champagne. While drinking a little bit is a great way to keep up your energy and relax, too many will make your mixing sloppy. Moderate your intake and be sure to hydrate with water in between drinks.

6. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

It’s the biggest party of the year! The crowd is going to look to you, DJ Superstar, for what kind of energy the night has. So, give them the best show you’ve got! Mix your favorite songs, indulge a little bit in some bubbly (but not too much, see above point), and just let loose! Don’t take yourself too seriously and mix in some charming requests if you get the time. Whatever energy you exude, your audience will follow and return it tenfold. And that is what makes the best NYE party ever.

BONUS: Top 5 Songs of 2021 for NYE

Need some ideas for what to play for that high-energy countdown until midnight? Here’s my top 5 picks for this year’s NYE hits!

1. Friday – Dopamine Re-Edi (feat. Mufasa & Hypeman) by Riton, Nightcrawlers, Mufasa & Hypeman, Dopamine

Okay, so hear me out. NYE’s on a Friday this year and this song is sure to get your crowd out on the dance floor to kick off NYE weekend in style. No work the next day? Party the night away!

2. BED by Joel Corry, Raye, David Guetta

You can’t really go wrong with David Guetta on the track, and BED is the wistful, high-energy romance track we all need to get us in the mood to share a NYE smooch. Mwah!

3. STAY (with Justin Bieber) by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber

TikTok doesn’t lie, this song is a bop. Justin’s sorrowful vocals and the hype backing track combine into a beautiful mix that we’re gonna be dancing to all night long.

4. Do It To It by ACRAZE and Cherish

A song guaranteed to get everyone droppin’ it on the dance floor, another viral hit from 2021 takes center stage for your mix this year.

5. Butter by BTS

The biggest boy band in the world? Check. Infectious hit that takes you back to summer vibes with your windows open cruising? Also check. Plus check out the version with Megan Thee Stallion and you’ve got a recipe for a packed NYE dance floor.

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