2019 NYE Countdown – Special Edition – DJ Sab – Video

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Exclusive version. Only 50 will sold around the Globe.  Available in English only.

STYLE:      Special Edition DJ MIX – DJ Sab
LENGTH:  4-minutes (actual length is 5 minutes with a dj mixout. One minute)
One minute build up to grab the attention of your audiences, then a 4-minute high intense countdown. 
All you have to do is just “Hit Play at 11:56pm New Year’s Eve and Walk Away!” (description below)

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The most downloaded Dj / Nightclub tool used all over the World!

This (4) Minute, High-energy New Year’s Eve Countdown (actual length – 5 minutes with a DJ mixout)

One minute build up to grab the attention of your audiences, then a 4 minute high intense countdown.

Get a personalized, professionally voiced “drop-in” with your DJ name, business name, company name (whatever you want), all inside your countdown. All you have to do is just “Hit Play at 11:56 pm New Year’s Eve and Walk Away!” This (4) Minute, High-energy New Year’s Eve Countdown is all new and will completely make you and your business stand out from your competition. (actual length – 5 minutes with a dj mixout) The NYE Countdown is proven to keep your customers and party going well past the confetti drop. Make history and build the hype with your own customized New Year’s Eve Countdown for 2019. Choose from several options to make yours more personalized. Pick your style, pick your language and pick the voice style you want as well.

We even send you the voice drop in a separate file to play forever!


  • New Year’s Eve Countdown for 2019 shell without music. (actual length – 5 minutes with a DJ mixout)
  • A SECOND NYE Countdown version with music at no charge as a demonstration how to use it.
  • Your name, business or sponsor logos placed on your countdown at NO Charge!*
  • Choose from over 11 different endings. (Auld Lang Syne versions and mixout)
  • A professionally voice Dj drop* (Mp3 sent separately)
  • Exclusive discounted pre-order for next year’s 2020 NYE Countdown.
  • Invited to our exclusive NYE Countdown Member board on Facebook


  • OPTIONS: The “NYE Countdown 2019” logo will be on your video. I you want our “NYE Countdown 2019” logo overlay to be off your custom video, CHOOSE the “NON-Watermarked” option when placing your order.
  • LICENSING: ALL video NYE Countdowns must come with YOUR business logo displayed on the entire countdown to be licensed. No exceptions. ALL audio NYE Countdowns must come with YOUR business name or dj name professionally voiced inside your countdown.
  • TERMS: Before purchasing anything on this website you must read and agree to the terms and conditions.
    ! NO EXCEPTIONS. (So, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions)
  • EXCLUSIVE: The NYE Countdown 2019 is exclusively for working professional Club/ Mobile DJ’s, VJ’s, Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Lounges, Radio Stations, Casinos, Hotels and Event Promoters. Our NYE Countdowns are NOT for everyone. This Countdown is a highly produced DJ tool for professionals only.
  • Quality: Comes in 4K, 2K. 1080p or 720p (or anything custom you need)
  • Length: Mostly 4 minutes. (actual length – 5 minutes with a dj mixout)
  • COMPATIBILITY: The NYE Countdowns work with all professional disc jockey software and DVD/blu ray players. We accommodate our customers will any codec or formats needed. Just ask!
  • DELIVERY: ALL COUNTDOWN ORDERS are sent out via a secure and trackable email download link AFTER December 12, 2018.
  • SUPPORT: *if you do not receive your order OR you need help, you have four options:

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