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PRE-ORDER next year’s countdown today and receive
50% OFF!

DON’T WORRY! You will be able to change your options anytime before next New Year’s Eve.
Get the order in today and SAVE 50% OFF regular pricing.

The ORIGINAL, Official New Year’s Countdown! All new for 2024.
Killer graphics and high-energy effects will make any dj look and sound like they are a celebrity Dj.
For over 22 years, this FOUR minute customized countdown has been the star of every New Year’s Eve party in 12 different languages worldwide.
[For Pro Djs and Venues Only] Rated PG

Which Countdown? *

White-labeled? *

Our NYE logo is animated in the upper left corner of your countdown. [wtf-wp-tooltip text="This is standard on every video. If you want our logo off of your video for more of a white-labeled version, then, choose the 'NON-Watermarked' "]

Voiceover *

Choose type of voice and language of your voiced Dj drop to customize your Countdown! [wtf-wp-tooltip text="These are professional voice talents from some of the top
radio stations and media from all over the World. So, you
are in good hands… and ears. For example... start your script with
'LIVE with DJ XXXX from Inside Club XXXXX'
Or 'LIVE... and whatever you want!' Up to 12 seconds.
(You will get this drop inside your audio to make it
more customized to you and your brand.
We will also send you a separate file
of your dj drop to use anytime you want!
(Voice does NOT impede delivery time)

Type your script to be voiced:

Required. This is an up to a 10 second, professionally voiced script. [wtf-wp-tooltip text="Brand your Dj name, Team name, Club, Company
or Event with the voice style and language that you
choose. We will also send you the DRY version
separate to use for years to come.
You can always BUY MORE Dj Drops anytime.
This is one part of the template creative licensing.
EXAMPLE: Live with DJ Scribble from Club Pure –
Las Vegas or Welcome to The Westin Hotel – Dubai --
If you leave it blank, we will contact you."]

How many logos do you want to add to your NYE Video? *

Adding sponsors or other logos is key to making a lasting impression of professionalism! [wtf-wp-tooltip text="Great way to make sure your crowds know WHO's throwing
the best party of their lives. Customize your NYE Countdown even more!
Add your sponsors, special pictures, pay tribute to someone or even your dj
partners name... Whatever you want!
It does NOT need to be a 'logo'... it can be text or pictures too! The first logo is included! All logos will be on screen throughout the entire NYE Countdown video OR we can bring it in anytime you want. Talk about 'Custom!' "]

Logo Upload *

All video versions of the NYE Countdown MUST have at least one logo on the video. No Exceptions. [wtf-wp-tooltip text=" This is one part of the template creative licensing.
Your logo will be placed on the bottom corner.
We recommend uploading a transparent - PNG or Vector
file for a more professional look. Adding more than one?
Either upload a ZIP file with all of them OR upload them separately.
(The first one is at No Charge) "]

(max file size 5 GB)

Need a quick logo designed?

Don’t have a logo? We can make you one. [wtf-wp-tooltip text=" If you don’t have a logo or don’t provide us with one,
your dj name or company name in text will be in the left hand corner
for licensing purposes. OR we can make you
an amazing logo for your video and for you to keep forever. "]

Voiced countdown from? *

When during the countdown do you want the voice over to start saying the countdown numbers?

Ending *

Pick an ending version to your countdown.

Video Format *

Pick your file type. (MP4 is standard)

Video Resolution *

Pick your resolution. (1080p is standard)


Expedite Options *

How quickly would you like your countdown? (All countdown orders will begin delivery mid-December)

Last year’s video edition.


The most downloaded Dj / Nightclub tool used all over the World!

This is a four (4) minute, high-energy New Year’s Eve Countdown (actual length about 5 minutes with Auld Lang Syne mix out)
The opening provides a build-up to grab the attention of your audiences, followed by a high-intensity countdown.

Get a personalized, professionally voiced “drop-in” with your DJ name, business name, company name (whatever you want), all inside your countdown.  Your countdown can be either a Video Countdown or just an Audio Countdown.

All you have to do is just “Hit Play at 11:56 pm New Year’s Eve and Walk Away!”

This (4) Minute, High-energy, personalized New Year’s Eve Countdown will completely make you and your business stand out from your competition. The NYE customized Countdown is proven to keep your customers and party going well past the confetti drop. Make history & build the hype with your own New Year’s Eve Customized Countdown for 2023.
Choose from several options to make yours more personalized.
Pick your genre. Pick your language. Pick your voice. Pick your ending.

We even send your personalized voice drop in a separate file to use forever!


  • New Year’s Eve Customized Countdown for 2024 shell without music.
  • A SECOND NYE Countdown version with music at no charge as a demonstration of how to use it*.
  • A professional voice DJ drop** (MP3 sent separately)
  • Exclusive discounted pre-order for next year’s 2024 NYE Countdown.
  • Invited to our exclusive NYE Countdown Member board on Facebook
  • 24/7 Support


  • LICENSING: ALL Audio versions of the NYE Countdown must come with YOUR business NAME or DJ name professionally voiced inside your countdown. No exceptions.
  • TERMS: Before purchasing anything on this website you must read and agree to the terms and conditions.
    ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO EXCEPTIONS. (So, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions)
  • EXCLUSIVE: The NYE Countdown 2024 is exclusively for working professional Club/ Mobile DJ’s, VJ’s, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, lounges, radio stations, casinos, hotels and event promoters who have the right and are licensed to use copywritten music at their venue or business. Our NYE Countdowns are NOT for everyone unless otherwise stated. This Countdown is a highly produced DJ tool for PROFESSIONAL DJS ONLY.
  • Quality: 320 Kbps MP3, AIFF, or WAV (44100 Hz Stereo 32-bit) (or anything custom you need)
  • Length: 4 minutes. (actual length – 5 minutes with a DJ mix out)
  • COMPATIBILITY: The NYE Countdowns works with ANY professional DJ mixing software, including Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, or any standard Apple or Windows software.

Don’t forget to get listen to these DJ Drops for New Year’s Eve to build the hype all night long! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

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