VIP Platinum -Audio - NYE 2022

VIP Platinum – Audio – NYE 2022


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VIP Platinum - Audio - NYE 2022 - DEMO

Voiceover * 

Choose type of voice and language of your voiced Dj drop to customize your Countdown!

Type your script to be voiced: * 

Required. This is an up to a 10 second, professionally voiced script

Voiced countdown from? * 

When during the countdown do you want the voice over to start saying the countdown numbers?

Ending * 

Pick an ending version to your countdown.

Audio Format * 

Pick your file type. (mp3 is standard)


Expedite Options * 

How quickly would you like your countdown?


NO RUSH FEES!  Everything is included for our VIP PLATINUM Members!

If you like the “White Glove” Treatment, this is YOUR Countdown. PERFECT for Resorts, Casinos, VIP Clubs, and Streaming PRO DJs!

More of an upscale, family-friendly feel. Hype building… excitement generation countdown for your New Year’s Eve!

Exclusively for our upscale & most professional DJs, Promoters and Nightclub Chains, Production companies, Event Centers, Hotels, and Casinos all over the World.

A LIMITED EDITION mixed New Year’s Eve countdown with all the bells and whistles included!

  1. NO RUSH FEES!  You will have your order within 12-24 hours (or sooner) after mid-December

  2. Any Voiceover

  3. Any Ending style

  4. Any Language

  5. FREE: Custom DJ Drop with YOUR name/ business

  6. FREE: 15 Essential Pro DJ Drops and Show Intros


  8. LIVE 24/7 concierge VIP support.


  • Licensing: ALL Video versions of the NYE Countdown must come with YOUR business LOGO displayed on the entire countdown to be licensed. ALL Audio versions of the NYE Countdown must come with YOUR business NAME or DJ name professionally voiced inside your countdown. No exceptions.
  • Terms: Before purchasing anything on this website you must read and agree to the terms and conditions.
    ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO EXCEPTIONS. (So, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions)
  • Exclusive: The NYE Countdown is strictly for working professional Club/ Mobile DJs, VJ’s, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, lounges, radio stations, resorts, casinos, hotels, and event promoters. Our NYE Countdowns are NOT for everyone. This Countdown is a highly produced DJ sound & visual effects template tool for professionals only to mix their own mixes.
  • Quality & Format:
    • Audio: 320 Kbps MP3, AIFF, or WAV (44100 Hz Stereo 32-bit) (or anything custom you need)
    • Video: Comes in 4K, 2K. 1080p (standard) or 720p (or anything custom you need)
  • Compatibility: The NYE Countdowns works with ANY professional DJ mixing software, including Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, or any standard Apple or Windows software.
  • Delivery: All countdown orders start being delivered mid-December via a secure and trackable email download link.
    All orders are custom so first orders in, first orders out. We promise your order is coming.  
  • Guaranteed: All NYE Countdown orders are 100% guaranteed to be delivered before your new year’s celebration or you pay nothing!* plus, we will give you next year on us!
  • Support: *if you do not receive your order OR you need help contact us:


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