How to be the best wedding DJ

How to Be the Best Wedding DJ

Whether you’re a beginner DJ or a seasoned club veteran, picking up gigs as a wedding DJ can be a great way to supplement your DJ income. Weddings are always happening, and they
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DJ stage presence

6 Quick DJ Stage Presence Tips

Congratulations! You’ve booked a live gig. You have all the right equipment, and you’ve mixed up a killer setlist. The crowd is ready to hear your set, but once you get up on
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Djing a summer music festival

7 Tips for DJing a Summer Music Festival

For all you DJs in the Northern hemisphere, summer is here and in full swing. The days are longer and hotter, and the nights are full of parties and festivals. If you’ve been
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Dj headphones

How to Choose DJ Headphones + 7 Qualities to Look For

We’ve covered two lists of essential DJ equipment on this blog before. However, observant readers might notice one essential component of every DJ setup was left off. Headphones are a crucial part of
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Extended DJ Equipment Guide

The Extended DJ Equipment Guide – 5 More Tips for New DJs

In our previous post, we discussed the basic equipment every beginner DJ should be familiar with. To recap: every DJ needs to select an audio source and choose which DJ software to use.
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Beginners Guide to DJ Equipment

The Essential DJ Equipment Guide: 4 Easy Tips for Beginner DJs

To the average person, a DJ is someone who shows up to a gig and plays some music. What the average person doesn’t know is how much equipment is needed to simply “play
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