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All Dj Drops – “Dry” or “Produced”, are 100% Customized!

Your script can say anything you want.
TO ORDER: Just click SHOP, Choose what product you want, and customize your dj drop inside the order form perfectly!
Questions? Click Here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, this depends how quickly you’d like to receive it.  Standard delivery for all of our products are 48-72hours but there are expediting options available during your order for everything. *Note, this doesnt apply to instant download products

Yes, we know you have big ideas for what you want, or even small changes sometimes. We got you just put in the notes of the order section. 

Available upon request, you can get countdowns, customized drops, promo materials monthly. Contact us today!

Of course, it’s 2020 correct? We’re up to date with all the latest payment trends 😉

Yes, don’t worry we have many djs/customers that sign up for Paypal Credit and pay with this method. 

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